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Originally Posted by booman View Post
You nailed it!
I have seen it over and over with Toshiba, Dell, HP, EMachine and the list goes on.
But I can't convince people to build their own and actually purchase decent hardware that will last them over a decade.....
But at the same time, techs need to make a living....
Personally HP is the only one ive actually worked with that has had FREQUENT HW failures. The DV5 was especially famous for burning up. (mine did, which prompted me to fix the fan/HS, eventually leading to its "temporary?" death)

I remember back in 06 when good old XP was replaced with Vista, we saw a new line of HPs, most famously the dv6000. This was by far their most popular laptop. However, every pro has its con. They had MANY motherboards fail prematurely, leading to its discontinuation and onto the dv4,5,7 model's release, only further proving that they had not learned their lesson the first time. Same problem, less frequent, but with other "side" problems in addition. Again, put on the chopping block and replaced with the current black models of dv4t,6t,7t,8t series. Personally i really like these black ones (there identical to my current bronze one just with a different color) EXCEPT 1 thing: no backlit keyboard. They had put this feature on the HDX series, but none of the others. apparently they're behind the times because it sure seems like every other manufacturer offers the backlit keyboard. Yes, even apple.

Didnt mean to get off topic but its just my 2c. The only issues ive seen in Toshibas, Dells, lenovos, etc. etc. is a poor software architecture. Ive really never had to tear them apart at all, letalone GUT the entire computer to fix internal hardware----NEVER. only on HPs. The only issue i have with their software structure would be bloatware (typical with all PCs, but it really causes annoyances, as well as getting me business $$$ so it really goes both ways. With windows 7, i dont have to worry anymore about preserving a fast bootloader--its just naturally fast. XP/Vista i had to constantly watch how much stuff i put on it because the bootloader would eventually become very slow...such a hassle.

Hope HP switches mobo mfrs. some time soon. I really want a brand new HP w/backlight (have the money saved) but i am definitely not paying for this to happen. Despite all this im still drawn onto their external design. Sleek and artsy.

I guess only time can tell...
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