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Originally Posted by CoreyX64 View Post
"First I take out all the ram and then turn it on. (of course it will not work)
Turn it off.
Then take out the processor and turn it on. (careful)
Turn off.
Put the processor back in and turn it on.(still no work)
Turn off.
Put the ram back in and turn on."
I have the same "CPU not functional" error for HP TX2500. The mentioned sequence didn't work for me, but this one did:

1 - taking out CPU with RAM present (if I do it also without RAM, at the end of these steps would not work), start
2 - Off
3 - Putting it back in, start

This fixed my laptop, but only for couple of days. Now it's down again and I'm not looking forward to dissemble and assemble it again.

Are there any developments that would lead to permanent solution of the problem?
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