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Originally Posted by Didzis View Post
I have the same "CPU not functional" error for HP TX2500. The mentioned sequence didn't work for me, but this one did:

1 - taking out CPU with RAM present (if I do it also without RAM, at the end of these steps would not work), start
2 - Off
3 - Putting it back in, start

This fixed my laptop, but only for couple of days. Now it's down again and I'm not looking forward to dissemble and assemble it again.

Are there any developments that would lead to permanent solution of the problem?
not yet. im still right where you are in progress. may be a week or 2 before i hear back from the tech rep...but when he does get back with me ill see how he fixed it.

Just FYI, although this may very well not be the problem but im just throwing it out there. Your CPU die truly may be defective, as HP has been proven to sell bad dies to customers right out of the factory. the laptop repair guy i took mine to said he fixed a dv7 with the same problem by replacing the processor.

in no way am i telling you to replace it, as it may be a perfectly good CPU. we dont know at this point in time. the only true way to determine that is to stick your CPU in a non-HP laptop, and boot. however this is very improbable in our case, but im just saying that would be our only hard proof. if you want, you could possibly find one on ebay for dirt cheap that is a good one. just be sure it is the same socket (AMD socket S1).

i will let you know if i hear anything and wish you luck on fixing your problem. i havent got any further on mine, so were all in the same boat here.

- Corey -

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