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Unhappy Bad news :(

Originally Posted by booman View Post
You nailed it!
I have seen it over and over with Toshiba, Dell, HP, EMachine and the list goes on.
But I can't convince people to build their own and actually purchase decent hardware that will last them over a decade.....
But at the same time, techs need to make a living....
Hi all,

Got an email from the Laptop tech today with the bad news I did NOT want to hear. It seems as though HP has OFFICIALLY defeated the mighty power of the local repair shop. Here is what he has to say:

"Hi - sorry it took so long to get back to you!

We've disassembled/reassembled the unit a couple of times and tried again all of our tech components with no result. Likely the solution lies in an interaction of components which is nigh impossible to narrow down.

At this point if you just wanted to pick the unit up we would not charge you a diagnostic as we were unable to provide you with a definitive answer. I might recommend harvesting the parts and perhaps EBaying them - in particular the LCD screen should fetch a pretty penny."

I am picking it up today so I can put it back on the dissection tray (my workbench) and experiment with it.

I love HP products, but I will never forgive them for this nightmare. NEVER.

For those of you who are curious, I took it to my local PC shop, called LAPuTOPia. (LAPuTOPia) I live in Toledo so this is the closest near me. Very creative name, and the guys there know their stuff. They said I followed all of the right procedures and this is simply a fault of HP. He recommended Toshibas and Lenovos as the better laptops. I still have a 4.5yr old Toshiba that still works great. never had to tear it apart for anything (besides HDD/RAM upgrade)

Owell. Battle has ended. HP has won. To add to the painful irony, this message is being typed on an HP DV-4 notebook PC! (sorry, had to throw that in

Thanks for the help everyone and sorry that i couldn't help any1 else get theirs fixed. I will still keep AOA bookmarked if i need any other tech help for other things.

- Corey -
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