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"Orientation doesn't matter".
See the heat transfer effect created by a heat pipe may not be driven by the "Heat rises" principle as much as the "Heat moves from Hot-to-Cold" principle. The heat pipe is used to facilitate heat transferal from a Hot area to a Cold area, it's a "path", and I don't think up and down has much to do with it.
In principle, that's spot on, but there's a practical issue to do with getting the (now condensed) coolant back from the "cold" end to the "hot" end.

Since most mobos orient the socket with the lugs pointing top-to-bottom (in a tower case) there's nothing stopping CoolerMaster (or whoever) making the pipe at a slight incline within the block to encourage the coolant to find its way home - they could pretty much guarantee that the cooler would always be mounted in the right direction.

I'd guess that's what they do... anyone willing to cut their cooler in half for me?
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