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So far, it seems pretty good. I'm generally pleased with it, and it has performed well so far. The screen is nice, even in sunlight, which is a huge step forward over my last device. Battery life is in the order of a day and a half, dependant on how much it gets used and in what weird environments it may get used in. This is an issue when I'm in a location with a lot of test cells, as the battery life tends to drop a bit. That's probably not a consideration for 99.9% of the population though, as it's unlikely they're going to be in that position. It does fit in a pocket (jeans or suit), despite some people's comments.

Some people appear to have paired up a Bluetooth keyboard to it - that seems a little overkill though. Dell's accessories are also a bit expensive. The HDMI docking bay seems to be about £60, which stops me from buying it.

My wife thinks it's good, as she can use the barcode scanner or voice recognition to order the groceries through Ocado.

If I didn't have one, I would buy one based on the experience that I've had so far.

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