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Here's one just for you.

For years I struggled with each new Fedora or Ubuntu trying to replace MS in my life with software that shares my moral outlook on life.

I had a ton of help from knowledgeable people, each time there was a major problem, something I needed to do but couldn't get to work, the Printer, or my Video card, or sound...

It just wasn't filling the bill for me.... I'm well aware the Linux literate could and did do any damn thing they like in Linux...or nearly....":O}

I was looking for a Desktop, pure and simple.... I had no real special needs beyond what someone's mildly curious grandmother might have.

But for a number of reasons Linux just wasn't delivering as "I" needed her to do.

Then diso Spent about half a day setting me up in Fedora.... I think It was Fedora 9 ..... And we installed my Nvidia drivers, Then we installed Quake 4, Then I started rock and rolling in Linux... I had everything I needed from a Printer to 5.1 sound...almost painlessly.

For a year or two Fedora was always getting better...Occasionally she had trouble after an update, but it was almost always fixed in a day or two.... then they started to let things come between us, like drivers for my Video card....

Fortunately about a year before that happen Cliff introduced me to MINT 7 (!!!)

You install it, you look around, you find all your Linux/ Unbantu/ Fedora favorites and find they all work! They all work all the time.

You stop paying for software other than games...":O

BTW Steam is coming to Linux and PS3 soon I'm told... Things just keep getting better for the Linux user...":O}
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