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HP Pavillion dv5z

I am facing the same issue. I don't have much to add, but thought I would report this anyway.

My wife's laptop stopped working all of a sudden. The LED code indicated it was 'CPU not functional' issue. I tried removing the battery and holding on to power switch for few minutes, re-seating memory and later CPU. Nothing worked. I kept it on for few minutes and checked the heat sink. It was cold to the touch, and so was the CPU.

Since nothing I did could bring it back to life, I took the laptop to a local repair shop. They replaced the CPU, with no improvements. They told me the issue is very likely due to the BGA shorting and it would be $245 to fix the issue. They were real nice and told me I don't have to pay anything if I don't decide to have them fix the issue.

I am taking the laptop back, since I can assemble in a new PC for $300 or buy a cheap netbook for now. Few youtube videos indicate heating up the GPU may fix the problem. I will try that once I get the laptop. But from all the reports, it stops to work after a couple of days. So it does look like there is no permanent fix !

PS: Since I am not paying the shop, I can't ask much details about what exactly they mean by 'BGA issue'.
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