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I didn't know Danrok was a Joomla expert!
I wouldn't call myself an expert but I created a Joomla website last year and it seemed to work out. I figured out all the structure and interfaces.
Very cool application.
The only problem I kept having was the templates.
For some reason they were either corrupt, or just not programmed properly.
I would get random results that didn't make sense.... Random text sized, buttons/menu's not appearing correctly and then all of a sudden working just fine.
I know there are a lot of reasons for these type of symptoms and I'm starting to think it was server side.
I had to make my client switch to 3 different templates until I was getting consistant results. After that, it seemed to work well.
I almost wrote off Joomla, but now I'm pretty happy with it.
I'll just NEVER use the templates from this site again
Joomla 24
you wouldn't believe how many hours I wasted try to figure out why the simplest thing wouldn't work. If I had success from the beginning, I would have created a site very quickly.
Not to mention, of all the awesome applications and capabilities Joomla has.... the one thing that ISNT built in is INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS.
I couldn't believe that if you register, you won't automatically get nofications of updates or posts. Instead, you have to install an app for this type of thing to work.
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