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Originally Posted by MUff1N View Post
WOW!!! 80c!!! That is Extremely HOT!!!
I'm surprised it didn't go into a thermal shutdown to prevent it from burning up! have to have better cooling to OC a quad...a must!

Considering that sebaz is going to be OCing a 6 core processor to 4GHz, I'd go with a BEAST of a cooler!
Xigmatek has come out with a H.D.T. cooler (Heat-pipe Direct Touch) to handle this too!
ccper is using one now & says it's great & is opinion is always respected when it comes to computer HW.

It's the Xigmatek S126384 “Thor’s Hammer” CPU Cooler!
This even beats out the Thermalright 120 Extreme & TRUE coolers in performance!
Review: Xigmatek Thor's Hammer HDT-S126384 Review - Overclockers Club

Newegg- $64.99 : - Xigmatek Intel Core i7 compatible THOR'S HAMMER HDT-S126384 CPU Cooler
You think that's bad?
I had a 98 hp that had a athlon xp 3100+ cpu in it.
Everything was stock on it, and it ran 95 c all day long.
With as5 on the cpu.

It was crazy, then a buddy wanted me to put as5 on his core2 duo.
So i checked his temp before it was 75c.
Then after it was 45c, And stayed there for over an hour before it went up 1 or 2 c.
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