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Does having more FSB really make a difference?

Its been a hard time trying to find out whats stable, but it looks like my CPU stables out doing the following: it looks like my ram is my limiting factor. but iam not sure whats faster because in order for me to get a larger CPU OC, i have to slow down my ram.

the problem with me getting to 260 FSB to make 3.5Ghz is that i have to lower my ram to DDR2 533. The second option is done with it in DDR2 667 mode, and my ram is a DDR2 800 natrually but no matter how many volts i send at it, it won't too much past 200 FSB

the first option is technically running at: 650 taking into account of the divider
the second option is techically running at: 800 taking into account of the divider

i guess my real question is if the divider really effects performance enough for me to have a lower clock with a lower divider.
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