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Originally Posted by bonesaw View Post
i would get better ram or lower the multi and see how high you can get your ram stable, work around your weakest component.
both my CPU and RAM are the weakest parts sadly.. so iam using the dividers to sorta cheat and use a huge divider to gain more FSB.

my limits seem to be around 800Mhz DRAM fequency which seems kinda normal considering iam using DDR2 800 (Patroit Extreme game edition)

so heres what i found to be memtest86+ stable with stable Othros 12 hour:

DDR2 800 mode with 200FSB and 5 divider (400Mhz in CPUZ)
DDR2 667 mode with 240FSB and 6 divider (400Mhz in CPUZ)
DDR2 533 mode with 260FSB and 8 divider (347Mhz in CPUZ)

SO TECHNICALLY with me running it at 260 FSB i have to use a huge divider and my ram does not run at its normal 400Mhz but at 347 instead.

I think i given up on the idea... in order for me to stay at 400 DRAM frequency i think i will need to be able to go higher on the CPU multi =( because i would just do 14.5x240FSB and that would be 3.480 Ghz which is close enough to where iam at right now...

YOUR right about how my ram is mostly my weakest tho.. because I can't go higher in Ghz to really test out this CPU... i have noticed on other forums people are getting 4Ghz with this CPU... but with my ram iam sorta stuck.... because i hit the wall around 260FSB... unsure if its because of the ram OR the CPU.

ahhhh well this build was actually 220 dollars with shipping... so i guess i'll have to leave it at what it is... i'll drop the divider 1 more step tomorrow to see if i can get any higher FSB numbers but from my understanding the bigger the divider the less stable it becomes as well?

heres someone with my exact same clock saying his ram is his limit as well =(
Epox Nforce 2 + AMD Athlon XP 2800 Barton OCed to a 3200+

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