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well, my statement is pretty easy to explain...

#1 in 3Dmark 2001.. in my current config, i do much better comparing my WinME to systems running WinXP
therefore, that bit is too obvious.

#2 gamers reporting FPS issues with XP, probly explains the above.

#3 i have WinME tweaked to near perfection, and nary a BSOD in sight. uptime of 1 month is irellevent to me, as i shut down every night.

so i ask you, why trade a perfected OS, for new bugs?

especially since the benches that matter to me,
say i'm currently better off anyhow?

further, incompatibilities in a large amt. of programs, and all the spyware *features* just add icing to my cake

i think it's great you guys like it...
but it also probably explains your 3Dmark scores.
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