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Technically, they are being manufactured right now . . .

It's just that manufacturing capacity on the .13u process isn't sufficient to meet demand yet. They will be announced soon, but when they will be widely available is the question we need to be asking . . .

AMD roadmaps say they will be widely available in Q2. We are only 6 days in to Q2, so be patient. They will be widely available before we see July . . .

Given the fact that Intel just undisputedly took the performance lead, I'm sure dem AMD boys in charge of lithography have a nice big fire lit under there collective azz . . .

I'm sure Jerry and Hector have there whips out and are workin' dem boys like dogs . . .

For the overclocker, don't expect miracles from the thoroughbred cores. AMD is moving to .13u more for economic purposes than anything else. Sure they will get a few more speed steps out of the Athlon, but you have to remember that the current XPs are already made on a .18/.13u hybrid process, so AMD already milked most of the speed they could out of the core. It's pretty safe to speculate that AMD is going to have to put some .09u or .06u parts in the .13u core to get much beyond 2GHz(2400+) . . .
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