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Originally Posted by Necorum View Post
I ended up buying the coolermaster hyper 212 plus for my 965. JESUS CHRIST this thing is huge. It dropped my temps down 15c under full load so thats sweet. Still letting the ac5 set it
Sorry Nec I didn't see this post until now.
Been in & out of the hospital lately.

Anyways I don't have the V6 but have the V6GT!
Yes, it is HUGE!!! 6½" tall x 5.1" wide x 4.7" deep.

Cools like a mofo with the double DynaLoop fans in push pull
& the fan attachment system is way simple & cool!
Just snap-on, snap-off.

My E8400 idles at 72F & 118F at load running @ 4GHz.
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EVGA GTX 470 SC 37% OC (855/1710/2004) 160.5Gbs
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