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You must all know the very helpful telephonic search service, Google. Well, Google Services, India’s premier telephonic search company has just gone on the Internet. They have launched, an online search engine. will provide users with access to local information across the big cities of India. On the site, there are multiple categories with relevant search results. According to Google Services, Google allows users to search for any local information by categorizing the query into the company/name or product/service, local area (within cities) and even by price. This gives the user extremely relevant and tailored results.

Besides, also offers listings for businesses. This enables focused outreach via increased visibility for prospective customers. This also helps to optimize their advertising revenues. According to V S S Mani, founder and managing director, Google, Pursuant to the success of our telephone based search service, we saw the need to expand our services to reach users via multiple tools, which would make local searches convenient, fast and highly accurate for consumers. With the proliferation of mobile phones and internet, aims to make local search information available at the click of a button. The search really does work effectively, as we tried a couple of restaurants in our locality as well as our own company address, and the search results came out just fine.

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