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The noise level depends on which fan you install. The AX-7 comes without a fan and then you choose. Many will choose the Delta FFB0812SHE 68cfm because it moves so much air. Most tests you see are using this fan.

However you can use any 80mm fan you wish. It's a trade between noise and airflow. I would suggest getting a high speed fan like the Delta and then installing a rheostat. This will allow you to slow down the fan speed when it's not needed. In the case of the Delta, you can slow the fan speed 2,000 rom and its quite a bit quiter. Then when you need the extra cooling, turn up the speed.

A rheostst can be had for about $10 or you can make one for under $5. There are many places out there to show you the wiring (very very simple) and we can help to find you the parts if you wish.

Just my 2 pennies worth on the subject.

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