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You should be able to get that RAM to run faster, but I believe that using 4x1G sticks is a big mistake. Most of these current mainboards are notoriously difficult to run highly overclocked with all slots populated.

When you get the 2x2G sticks, try playing with the dividers. I have the exact same P5Q Pro Turbo board and 1066 Kingston Hyper-X. On the 333 strap, FSB is 475X8=3.8G with memory running at DDR2-1521, 5-5-5-13 (5:8 divider).

The machine doesn't run Windows, so I can't do the same benchmarks you can, but I can assure you it is 100% stable at full load 24/7 on a Q6600 Quad (a 1.2G overclock), which is significantly more challenging to get to than on a Core Duo. So it can be done, but I'm sure you'll be better off with two sticks.

I can only guess that the Corsair stuff has a lower latency than the G.Skill stuff, and that is why it performs better. It isn't DDR2-6400, BTW. It's PC-6400, which translates to DDR2-800 vs. the G.Skill at DDR2-1066, but I've been able to run Corsair XMS DDR2-800 at 1066 easily in the past.

You could be right, though, maybe there is a bad stick in there. Did you try only two sticks of the G.Skill ram just for giggles? It might tell you something.
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