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Won't boot. :(

So I've been talking about the main box for a while now and that I really need to upgrade it. Well, the other day I was playing WOW and while in the game I would get random freezing in the game. Ok... time to kill wow and maybe. I've found that it's just about maxing out my memory again. (1.9 gigs at times while running) I usually leave this up to a memory leak in the game as I've seen this kinda thing before in wow. So I kinda figured that's what it was. I haven't restarted this computer in a while and I figured it was about time anyways. A good reboot will do wonders sometimes.

I tell it to shut down... uggg... it's taking forever and of course popping up everything saying... end now? uggg... click yes... click it again... and again... frustrated (but you've all been there so I'm preaching to the choir on this) Finally... I say f it, and head up to bed. I figure it will eventually end everything and shut down on it's own.

Up in bed, I hear a knock on my door (whisper) Dad... Me not asleep say yeah sup sweetie (youngest daughter is with us for the summer) Dad... can I use the computer it's off? Sure thing sweetie.... I just shut it down cuz it needed a good reboot. Ok... off she goes and back I go to watching a show on tv. (wasn't asleep yet)

Few mins later... Knock knock... (whisper) Dad... the monitor won't come on... the computer lights come on and fans are spinning but it won't come on the monitor. Ok sweetie... I'll come down to check it out. Uggg... starting to think.. yeah... maybe a problem. I shut it down via the power switch... and leave it off for a few. Fire it back up... uggg... still no go. At this time I'm really starting to get tired and just wanna goto sleep. So I say sorry, looks like it has probs. No wow tonight.... uggg... ok dad. Thanks for looking. No problem kiddo, I'll tear into it tomorrow.

So after I get home from work, I go into the garage (ie Catbox studio's) and fire up wow on that pc. (one I'm typing on now) and make sure it will work for her. It starts up... np... just need to apply the patch. I tell her to use this one for a while while I work on that one.

Drag the main PC out and started digging aroud... wow... lots of dust... hmmmm... I really need to NOT leave the side cover off. Look at the cpu hsf and sure enough tons of dust. Uggg... I'm pretty good about keeping this stuff clean!! Must be because the side cover is off. Oh well... pull it all apart and even popped in another cpu thinking that the old one fried due to heat. Fire it up... same... uggg... Ok, disconnect everything (hdd and cd roms) still no go. Ok, time to pull the video card. Hit the power button and I get beeps. Woot!!! Good sign. Dig in my parts box for another AGP card, found one...... uggg... 16 meg? WTF!! Oh well.... good enough for testing. Pop it in, fire it up and wah la... post.

Now I'm looking on Amazon for an AGP card, wow... found a 1 gig card for like $40. So I think I can sink that kinda money into it to keep it going for a while, but yeah it's really time to build a new one.
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