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Originally Posted by booman View Post
you know what Chozo4? I think you are on to something.
I bet the new AGP video card is just too much for the chipset to handle... Its amazing that they are still making AGP cards and still running them faster. That old board is probably overheating the chipset and causing all of the problems I had been having.
I'm curious what would happen if I put it in another computer and used an older video again.... would it work just fine?
I may do it in the future to refurbish the motherboard.
I do have a CPU, memory, video card and everything else....
You /Could/ give it a shot and see how it goes. Long as the board still has life and you have the parts to give it a shot you cannot say you never tried.

Though, personally - the first thing I usually do is install small fans on any built-on heatsinks on my boards with a couple small screws between the fins. Call me paranoid for doing so but even though they may be passive the extra cooling does help dissipate the heat a little bit faster. Try that first at least to see if it increases stability at all. Just when doing so, be careful of any metal-dust from the heatsink[s] as the screws will thread into the fins depending on how solid they are.

Furthermore, if they are removable [the heatsinks] and not applied with thermal epoxy one could always remove them and replace the stock Thermal Paste with a thin layer of AS5, MX-2, Shinetsu, or otherwise. This could mitigate any possible heat buildup if the paste has gone dry from crud stock paste [or pads] or contains bubbles from it being improperly applied.

The way I see it, a cool board is a happy board. Especially since during operation passive heatsinks on the chipsets can get too hot to touch with bare fingers and that always gives me reason to be alarmed. When combined with the idea that if it gets that hot the heatsink probably just simply isn't able to keep up with the heat output... it makes one a bit paranoid.
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