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i got this laptop for ?529 with online discount codes about 1 month back. one thing i was not that happy with is you have to open up the laptop to get to the hard drive if you ever wanted to upgrade. plus the way the graphics work is the laptop screen runs off the intel HD graphics 3000 chip but you can set the nvida 525GT chip to run games. iv not had any problems with it really but dell say nothing about it having intel graphics. the dvd'rw is not that good sounds like it going to take off when copy large files to disk and fails if its moved. im more then happy with the sound/playing games work well too. temp do hit around 75c (game playing) but that around normal really. im using the coolmaster notepad U2 which do keep my temps down to around 68c. games tested on laptop.

.world of tanks(max's graphics)
.levelR (max's graphics)
.battlefield Play4Free (max's graphics)
.pirate galaxy (max's graphics)
.CnC generals deluxe/CnC 4 (both games max's graphics)

most of the games are free to play online games but iv had no problems playing them on this laptop. my spec is i5 cpu,4GB ram,525GT 1GB graphics shared with intel HD graphics,win 7 64bit, as soon as iv got the money i will upgrade ram to 8GB with kingston hyperx gaming ram. avoid if you do copy a lot to disk as the dvd rw is just not up to it really. I would recommend this laptop for web surfing/music/gaming mid to high lvl graphics)

sabertooth 990FX
amd FX8350 @4.2ghz
16GB 1600mhz hyperX ram
AMD HD7970 3GB asus DCPC graphics
hyperX 120GB SSD
WD 320GB hard drive
1TB,500GB working over usb3
corsair HX850 psu
aerocool cyclone black case
window 8.1
asus monitor 24" 1920x1200 res.
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