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Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
Cool pics MUff1N! What's the spectrum used for the different pics; do you know?
Read & look for yourself Giz...
Pics taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory during its ongoing 5 year mission on the Sun.

NASA Spacecraft Observes New Characteristics Of Solar Flares

09.07.11 - NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, has provided scientists new information about solar flares indicating an increase in strength and longevity that is more than previously thought.
Attached Thumbnails
Cool Images of our Sun!-solar-flare-green.jpg   Cool Images of our Sun!-solar-flare-red.jpg   Cool Images of our Sun!-letting-loose.jpg   Cool Images of our Sun!-long-distance-connection.jpg   Cool Images of our Sun!-multi-wavelength-flare.jpg  

Cool Images of our Sun!-x6.9-class-flare.jpg  

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