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Mystery No-POST

Well, I'll be damned that it's been 2 years since I've been on here. Y'all were like a second family to me for a good long while, and it's odd to come back after having drifted away. Seeing old names and old memories and some old discussions on everything (random nonsense!). Anyway, I suppose reminiscing is well and good but I've got computer issues to tackle!

About a month ago my several year old Athlon 64 3800 system gave up the ghost, not too surprising given that it had been running 24/7 in non-ideal conditions. I have a good laptop that has more power than that machine ever did anyway, so I was in no hurry to replace it. But about a week and a half ago I went online, spent a few hours researching and cobbled together a build that mostly followed whatever was on sale or rebate so I could get a good modern desktop with a decent amount of power.

The death of the old machine was characterized by a fan power up with no video, audio, or POST of any kind. Occasionally the mobo speaker would beep continuously, sometimes not. Seemed to me like the mobo burned out or it was a bad PSU, but when I ran a different PSU it did the same thing.

And so it begins, I ordered the following:
Athlon Phenom II 955 Deneb
2x4gb Patriot Viper Xtreme Series DDR3 1600
XFX Radeon HD 6770 1gb

I put it all together, fire it up, and she purrs like a kitten. Perfectly pleased with myself, I play some games, mess around with it, etc. Then, after maybe a dozen successful boot cycles, it starts up, and flickers black scree, then no video, then black screen infinitely every 3 seconds or so. Occasionally it will beep twice, but based on the AMI BIOS that should mean a RAM error. No POST at all. I run the clear jumper, and next boot it works like a charm. About 5 reboots later, same thing, and this time no amount of clear jumping or battery removal will coax it back to POST. I try removing everything, HDDs, sound card, video card and plug the video into the onboard motherboard video. Same black flicker.

I try a friend's RAM. Same black flicker. I try my RAM in the friend's computer, no problem. I try my processor in my friend's computer, no problem. Since it seems "obvious" that either the mobo or PSU are to blame we don't try his processor in my board for fear of destruction.

So I RMA the mobo, and for peace of mind get a new 700w OCZ ModXStream so that if it WAS the PSU, I don't have to worry about it cooking another board.

I got the mobo back today, and put it all together. And it worked great! Woo!

.....and then it started doing exactly the same thing. No POST. Just a slow flicker. I don't have a standoff misplaced, I don't have any loose dust or metal. I already have disconnected any unnecessary devices, HDDs, opticals, cards, front panel connections. I have not yet made absolutely certain that the front power button is functional but it acts reasonable enough to where I don't think it's the issue though I will probably try jumping it tomorrow. The symptoms don't really seem like it's the power button either, since both machines made it several reboots without issue, then they stopped working long term.

I am at a total loss here, and I reach out to my long lost brethren from another time. It's just blowing my mind that this exact same issue has happened, and I'm almost ready to just say screw this mobo and get a different one except I'm worried there is some bizarro-world thing happening in my computer that is totally unrelated to the motherboard and killing things. Again: I've checked for shorts, loose connections. I've disconnected anything not absolutely necessary for POST.


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