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UPDATE: I tried the power button after it had sat idle overnight, and lo and behold, it worked. I will run MemTest86 to see if it turns up, but timings and speed are set as per the box. When I tried my buddy's RAM on the first board (which I sent back) it did not fix it.

I will check for a new BIOS, but if it returns to the broken state I have no clue how I would flash the BIOS given that I can't even get the beginnings of a POST screen.

So as of now, it works.

As for graphics card, I tried both onboard and my old 8800GS, and they flickered the same way.

If it passes MemTest86 then I don't know what to suspect...I guess just hope it doesn't die again?

UPDATE 2: Well that was quick! Upon rebooting to run MemTest86, it fell into its old habit of flickering. I'm going to take these sticks of RAM and run MemTest on my friend's box. If they turn up clean then I'm going to cut my losses on this mobo and get something else. Two bad boards is hardly a vote of confidence.

Is there a chance the CPU is bad, do you think? It ran fine in my friend's box for a few minutes, and survived a quick run of instability when my machine WAS running.
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