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The CPU's not bad. Like Danrok said, it will either run or not run at all.

I was having this problem several years ago on ASUS boards. All kinds of weird non-post situations that required a sacrifice of a virgin to get the boards to post. I lost my faith in ASUS. Lately though, I haven't seen this too often with their boards, and my faith is renewed.

In my experience, these problems are one of two things, almost exclusively:

a) a bad, cheap, old, faulty, inefficient or underpowered power supply; perhaps one of those multi-rail supplies that everyone was so excited about a few short years ago. Almost everyone I know will tell you that a high powered single-rail supply will blow them away most of the time. Remember, some of the PSs that advertise high wattages combine the peak wattages of several rails; this may mean that one or more of the rails may be unable to handle the loads. It's voodoo advertising. Some 1000W supplies are POS because of it. OCZ should not fall in this category, but I can't swear to that. Your unit is multi-rail, but I don't see anything in the specs that would automatically fault it in my eyes other than that. (I am a firm believer in the single-rail supplies, like Corsair: one single 12V rail at 70A - but that is a personal preference more than anything else.)
Hopefully, you have eliminated the PS by getting the OCZ (which certainly should work at un-overclocked settings.) So...

b) a bad mainboard. (Don't laugh: ASUS at one time was so bad that I RMA'd 4 boards to get one that worked properly. Your situation might be the same. Stick to your guns, You have buyer's rights to get a working product.)

All other causes of intermittent non-post scenarios, although not impossible, are much, much rarer. This includes memory, GPUs, or etc.

At least that's what I have found. YMMV. (I'd look at the board at this point, and hassle ECS.)
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