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Yeah, I'm just throwing in the towel on this mobo. Sending it back to newegg and replacing it with this.

Even if I got a working board eventually I just can't put my trust in it...never had an ECS, never will have an ECS. Experiences like this leave a bad taste in one's mouth.

The Asus should be here Monday, and I feel pretty confident that will fix it. Ran my memory through Memtest overnight on my buddy's MSI board with a Phenom 955 and it was fine.

I got the ECS because it had good reviews and it was $40 after a $30 rebate. However, I can't really take advantage of that rebate since I don't trust the board enough to cut the UPC from the box and kill my chances of returning it. In the past I've mainly used MSI boards but saw unkind things about the overclocking capabilities of their current sub-$100 boards, and this Asus looks like a reasonable compromise of cost vs performance.

Thanks for the help! I'll let you guys know how high I can get this thing OC'ed (once it boots up that is), I have high hopes with a Hyper 212 cooler and chilly winter weather.
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