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Well, at least Asus can make a board. Running fine now. I'll report back in a few days when I've run it through some tests...

Oh, and in regards to Soyo, I only recall one experience. It was before I was building computers, and my older brother was building his 2nd computer (actually for our mother). It was a Pentium 4 of some sort, I don't remember what all the specs were. What I DO remember is that the mobo was a Soyo, and the first one had only one working memory slot. The second one never booted. The third one finally, finally worked...and then after a month the northbridge fan died. Soyo number four was A-OK, for the long term. I think it ran for 4 years, and was retired not because it stopped working but because we upgraded and didn't have a case to put it in. Actually, it may still be at home in a box somewhere.
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