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Originally Posted by booman
I didn't read anything about swapping power supplies....
That really sounds like a Power Supply issue to me... specially since two different motherboards have the same symptoms.
Originally Posted by Redroar
So I RMA the mobo, and for peace of mind get a new 700w OCZ ModXStream so that if it WAS the PSU, I don't have to worry about it cooking another board.
I agree that it seemed like a PSU issue, and I did replace the PSU. It has been running like a champ on the Asus, and I even started poking at an overclock once it seemed nice and stable. I've got the 955 at 3.8Ghz with a slight undervolt, when I went above 3.8 it started asking for a lot more voltage, and for this machine I'd rather have longevity than an extra couple of percent of performance. 12hr Prime95 stable, never went above 48 C.

If it's compatibility then I wouldn't think it would keep doing it even once I had stripped the components down to bare minimum, and tried two different sets of RAM in various configurations.

That is, unless it was some sort of compatibility issue that permanently bricked the mobo, which is pretty nasty. It was really weird that I got the exact same behavior from both. Could also be a bad batch that came out of the factory perhaps.
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