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Hey Danrok, Check this out!

Using Asus motherboards for the last 4 or 5 motherboards has meant that all my case stand offs could remain in place. But as I water cool, I often have to mount my board with the case up right. This has resulted in a bit of ware in the mounting stand off pins.

For those who may not know but still might care, Lain Li did not use conventional stand offs for this case, thats about the only objection I've ever had with it, wonderful Case!

So I go to Lain Li and find they now use conventional stand off pins and mounts in their cases. I check accessories, I look all round, No clip in stand offs! I'm Screwed! I barely got two of them to clip in and accept the screw last time!

A moment of pure terror, I could lose the use of my favorite case forever, the only one I have ever loved! Over a part that cost $3.50 for ten of them.

After Googleing for a hour and trying a dozen places or so I came across Sliver PC, They carry Lian Li and they have replacement clips... Right away I thought of you Danrok as we share this case in common.

Our clip-ins our disappearing from the world!

But then I thought Wait, Danrok probably doesn't need them. Not everyone has to actually psychically subdue their parts as I must, Some people have parts that want to help and be of use!!

But what if someone broke in and Stole Danroks Stand offs and Sliver PC no longer carried them...I'd have to give Danrok some of the extras I bought... They COST nearly Three Dollars and fifty cents, a guy could go broke exercising that kind of generosity!

So this is the half way point. I'm not out any cash and Danrok can judge his need by the number of bent up stand offs in his case.

If you just need one or two well hey that's a different matter, I could spare you one or two, though shipping will cost me plenty! LOL

Just say the word Dan and they are on the way, I bought some extras.":O}
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