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Originally Posted by cloasters View Post
I wonder about the diff between LCD and LED flat screen monitors. LED tv's can get screen burn, while LCD's are immune.
LED TVs shouldn't get screen burn, as they're pretty much the same as an LCD TV. The only real difference between LCD and "LED" TVs is the backlight to generate the light for the screen. A traditional LCD screen uses cold cathode florescent tubes to generate the light. An "LED" TV uses a bunch of LEDS to generate the light. In both TVs the light then passes through an LCD which modulates the light level.

Plasma TVs were the ones that could get screen burn, and even that's far less of an issue in normal use now. OK, if you show a static image for a long period of time, then it will be an issue - but how often do you do that?! As as plasma owner myself, it's not an issue I've encountered, even with games consoles.
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