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I meant deal-breaker for Mint, but like I've said, I never had this problem in the past. Just this computer is giving me woes...

I was very happy with Fedora 16, but I see you raving all over the forum about Mint. So I figured I would give it a try.

My goal is to assemble simple Linux gaming machines with the least amount of headache possible.

I love refurbishing computers and giving them away. So wouldn't it be nice to have a Free operating system with a bunch of free games already installed?

I would...

My other goal is to eventually replace Windows with Linux so I can host my LAN parties without having to deal with more costs, keys and activation's. I'm hoping eventually all of my machines will be solely on Linux.

With Linux desktop becoming easier to use, more games being developed to natively run on Linux and emulation/virtualization possible with modern hardware.... I see it starting to happen.

Maybe some day down-the-road I'll offer a free PC gaming club with 30+ computers. People can come and go playing game for no cost.

I can't wait to experience your miracle button!
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