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This happen to me in Fedora, several times! Nobody else has a problem in this world, but every time I'd turn around Gizmo had to fix me up again!

(Fedora would be dead if they hadn't developed a Gizmo!)

As to the DVD, you don't know till you try...and when you've tried everything else, try the recommend procedure...

I know,....It seems like the cowards way out to me to! But on several occasions recently...God I hate to say this...

But following the herd actually is easier.... after exhausting every possible alternative of course!!

Bless you Boo, I know this has become something of a quest for you and I just gotta say I admire the way you've kept at this...

But your just not thinking of me! I want you in Mint, don't care how you get there! LOL
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