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I agree... two hard drives is a good idea.
I started using Acronis at work but its an older version that won't run on USB. So I started using clonezilla because it boots from USB (cause its linux) and you can clone, image, copy and do all kinds of things.
Its text base and there is NO commands. But, of course, its not for everyone.
As you have already seen... I am USB crazy and don't want to carry around any more CD/DVD's than I have to.

The more I get on my USB drives the less I have to carry around. Not to mention USB "can" be faster than DVD. Specially when USB 3.0 is a standard for all computers.

The only reason I went to Mint 12 was because 13 didn't work in any format/configuration. But for some reason Mint 12 did install!!!???
I don't know why, but it did.
I'm going to go against my instincts and try the DVD route. I'm guessing that I will have the same problems because of my video card and the lack of integrated video chipsets.
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