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Can't Format Hard Drives

I got to take an old Tower Server home and gut it.
I'm donating the motherboard/ram/CPU and keeping the case.
Last weekend I moved my Linux server hardware into the case and its GREAT! Much better than my old tower.

I wanted to format the old Maxtor IDE hard drives so I could use them, but I'm having a problem....
When connecting them via USB adapter with IDE connector, Windows and Linux won't allow me to format, delete or do anything.
They both show 0 bytes and can not even mount the drive.

The USB connection recognizes the drive but I can't modify all 3 of them in any way with Disk Management (Win) or Disk Utility (Linux).

What is the deal? I've never had this problem before?
Do you think there was some kind of encryption on the drives?
I tried different jumper settings but still locked out...
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