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I've been impressed with the Synology NAS boxes. I've got both a DS101G+ and a DS710+. Again, they're not cheap, but in my opinion, they're worth it. For file sharing you can set permissions at the share level, but you can also set permissions on individual files and directories. Audio and video streaming are covered well, as is iTunes. I'm also using the DS710+ as part of a home energy monitoring system, so it logs energy use and draws graphs. It's also the syslog server for my email server and internet facing router, so I've got one central location for logging data.

Media is on there too, so mobile devices can access audio and video and photos, as can my Xbox 360. Synology have iOS and Android clients so photos and music can be shared and uploaded. I've also got a USB sound card plugged into it, so I can use any computer/device to create a playlist, and it'll play through the USB sound card, or on the computer I'm working with.

If I had IPcams, then I could use the Synology box as a surveillance station, including integration with iOS/Android for remote viewing.

Ok, you probably get they're pretty awesome boxes. Synology have a demo of the web interface which you can see over here
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