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I'm biased.

I like what I see a lot. I'm at a point where I'm more than happy to dump my Android device for BB10. Stuff like BlackBerry Flow makes sense - rather than seeing a bunch of apps, it's much more data centric. Put that together with a unified inbox/notification system (BlackBerry Hub), and I really like the fact that the system works together based on what I'm doing and what kind of data I'm working with, instead of leaving me to deal with trying to move stuff from one app to another. That and the fact that I can "peek" at what's happening in the hub without exiting the app in the foreground.

There's a bunch of stuff come out of the BlackBerry Jam sessions that show this stuff, up on youtube

Stuff like the Time Shift on the camera is neat, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.
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