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You guys ever read history? Ever read about the Early days of Carl Marks and Ingels?

This is how it begins people meet exchange ideas the government seeks to oppress those ideas by oppressing the people who share them. The government as such sees it's end in those ideas.

Oppression breads violence. Violence creates great unrest among the masses. Unrest create unfavorable conditions. unfavorable conditions create revolution.

A good read read on this is "Social entropy" by "Marcuza, Angal Davis' teacher at Berkley in the 60's.

Basically his theory sates that the more complex a system is the more dependent it become upon it's constituent parts, remove one and a system limps, two and it crawls, remove three and it will collapse. Just look at your computers, how much does it take to bring it down?

They are working upon removeing one constituent part...our complacency.

In doing so they will meet opposition, opposition leads to conflict, conflict to oppression and the cycle of change goes on...

They may well come to nothing these ones who meet outside of social conventions and seek a better world...they may not yet be supported by the time. But such groups will continue to emerge and the last will will sound the time "The hour has come!"

And revolution will be upon us...nothing can stop an idea whose time has come...Stay alert, Democracy may be about to be born!
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