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Originally Posted by chrisbard View Post
Well it's just another browser, who the hell cares about a browser. OMG I am on 64 bit and I can't browse with Mozilla I want Mozilla for 127.5 bit Mintzilla from the open community no support included for 30 years! Can I have that? Can anyone say Amen? What's wrong with Chrome or Opera? Funny coming from a guy who uses mostly IE! Hahaha. But I remember the days of Windows 95 and no other browser around on my computadore. I was happy to be able to read all the hot news from across the ocean same day and hour as it appeared overthere! Gimme a PC with some windows on it and IE and I am as happy as any goat on top of a mountain! /endrant
How wise! to realize your software has no future and cling to the past!

Hey remember when we all used those floppy disks things to load programs!? Just give me a floppy and you can keep all those new CD-DVD -blue ray progress type things!!

Hang in there Chris, you'll alway have 2000 Pro to look forward to...
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