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Originally Posted by booman View Post
I bet the 8 monitors is just a feature... I'm sure most people will be running one. I didn't notice how they would connect 8 monitors?
Is there a thunderbolt port on it?

Sound like video card manufacturers... each card is a bit different in specs and price...
I don't like the sound of it. You would think there would only be one manucaturer
What I believe Aedan's pointing out is that yes your right, most people will use but one monitor...but they will have to pay for the capability to run eight does that ever get to be cost effective?

Ya know I've been wrong a fair amount in the past...but to me ...something smells fishy here...

For me....Steam has yet to demonstrate they can run games in Linux as well as POL.

Are they holding back with PC Steam in Linux? If they can't do a hell of a lot better than they have...why bother with a Console that can play a half dozen older games?

For that matter...who need a Linux console as such? I don't care what my PS 3 runs on, only that it runs my games. Judging from the number of people who have both systems, most people just want it to run the games they want to play, how they get that of far less significance.

Maybe I just don't understand the big picture...":O}
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