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Anyone who thinks they "deserve" a Cruise, in a world full of starving people...struggling upon the face of a dying planet...well life's a Carnival isn't? "Oh look you won a Cruise!":O}

It way past time we got serious about the state of the world. Carnival can help us do that! A world in miniature.
a bunch of ignorant slobs off on a holiday from their everyday jobs of killing their world find them selfs seeking luxuries they have now covered in their own excrement. Lacking the wit to assign areas for human waste they made the kind of mess stock yard animals work hard to avoid.

Paid servants hired from the elite of ex cons from around the world! Fist fights over food...the very first day! (LOL)
Unable any longer to return to port they drift and bitch about the good times they were going to have before the laws of physics exerted themselves and things got ugly.

Then the long shameful tow back to the cradle of civilization ...Alabama. Where the sun never sets upon bigotry.

They just wanted a little bit of heaven. Am I to harsh in thinking that a crappy tow to Alabama is all they deserved for they mis spent time and money... I wonder how long the average malnourished child waits before it perishes waiting for help from us?
"Though all men live in ignorance before mystery,
they need not live in darkness...
Justice is foundation and Mercy ETERNAL

"All that we do is touched by Ocean
Yet we remain on the shore of what we know."
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