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Originally Posted by ThunderRd View Post
OK, let's take a deep breath, because now I'm confused.

We are getting two completely different threads all mixed up in here. This thread is to show Daniel how to change one line in his fstab, in order to enable the trim function on his SSD. The other thread is about Openbox WM, and games.

So let's stay on the topic, so as not to confuse it further.

Now, Daniel, when you open your file manager in Mint, and pull down "Help>About", what does it say? All we want is the name of the file manager program, so you can launch it as root.

We could do all of this on the command line, but I thought you would prefer to do it in your GUI, that's why you need to know what it's called. After you 'gksu' + your file manager name, you will enter your root password, then go to step #1 of my instructions.

When I said to be careful, I meant that I want you to remember that you are in a root situation, and all your decisions are final, so don't forget where you are and start browsing around your filesystem or moving stuff around. Do only the steps I gave you, and nothing else.

If you have any problem, tell me specifically where the instructions failed, so I can help you. (Like the step #)

EDIT: I've checked; your file manager is nemo. So, to start nemo as root, open a terminal window [or use alt-F2] and type:
gksu nemo
That will bring up a request for your root password. Enter the password, and nemo will appear. Then go to step #1 of my instructions in this post. Just remember you're root; don't do anything other than the steps I gave you, then close nemo.
Things aren't right...Probaly me....

When I pull up Fstab to rename it, it won't let me rename.

I brought up gksu nemo no problem, but could not rename my fstab

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