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you have to be root to modify it
Its hard to do without the terminal
Normally if I want to do something Administrative like this, I would login as "root" instead of "booman"

but you probably don't even have a password for "root"
When I install Mint, I have to set a password for "root" if I want to login as root

Root password:
1. open Terminal
2. login as superuser, type:
su -
3. enter your password
4. create root password, type:
passwd root
5. enter the new password
6. enter new password again
7. exit Terminal

If this works, now you can log out of Mint and then log in as:
login: root
pass: the new password you created

After logging in as root, you can navigate to your fstab files and copy/rename it.
Be very carefull logged in as root. you can easily break something and have to restore again
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