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Re-boot seems to have gone quite well.":O}

A few anomalies...I wasn't auto loged-in as I usually am. Firefox checked my add-ons for compatibility, usually only done when up dating.

FAH is back on track and running full speed once more":O}

A few pics of my general condition... How do we check to see what we've accomplished? ":O}

BTW. I'm trying to secure this infor for future use so far I have:

Open Terminal.

paste: gksu nemo

Show hidden files

1. go to your fstab and rename it fstab.old[this backs up your old one just in case]

2. create an empty file in /etc, and name it fstab

3. paste the content of this window that I edited for you into it and save it:

Is this something I can now do alone or am I better off seeking help with the actual changes made in gedit?
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