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I had that issue with a few games.
I tested Far Cry this weekend and that EXACT problem. All the terrain textures were white!

I'm pretty sure its a DirectX problem. I know BF2 ran really well with Wine 1.4.1
Could be drivers with your card, but I don't have much experience with an AMD card in Linux. I have mostly read about bad experiences and driver problems.

Check your Display options too.

1. launch PlayOnLinux
2. Click Configure
3. Select your BF2 Virtual Drive
4. Select the Display Tab
5. Direct Draw Renderer: GDI
6. Video Memory Size: the amount of memory on your video card
7. Offscreen Rendering Mode: fbo

Always reboot Windows after changing these settings!

Also, did you install the BF2 1.41 patch?
Did you install the 1.5 patch too?

If you tried it with a newer Wine, I have been told that it automatically includes "mono" which can conflict with dotnet packages.

So you may have to install BF2 again.
Ironically, BF2 probably isn't the best game to install for your first PlayOnLinux & Wine experience.
It was probably one of the hardest games to get running decently.
And... too many stinking steps.
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