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Oh Sure!
Yeah you can install pretty much anything, but what I've never understood about what runs in the background with Wine and Linux is how all of these packages work.
You know... what if I installed ALL of the available packages?
Does it even matter the order of when I install the packages?
I'm sure there would be some major problems and conflicts.

Wine users always recommend starting with a fresh prefix (virtual drive) when having problems... but thats usually my last step after doing all of my troubleshooting steps.

I probably installed BF2 5 times before getting some success... hence why I am doing the tutorials... I don't want other people to endure that frustration.

I would guess that there is something going on with your video card, directx and video drivers. But since I have no experience with AMD cards and Linux, it would be a good idea to do some research on your card.
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