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Originally Posted by Aedan View Post
How well does that nVidia monster you have overclock?
Now that is a interesting question. My 670 is a GTX, which if Nvidia is to be believed, is over-clocked out of the box.

I have run a few benchmarks, Phoronix, Fluidmark 1.3.1 and Furmarks 1.91

My problem lies in not having any thing to compare my scores with....I rather suspect that Nvidia has already squeezed all the performance out of the GTX. So I guess what you see is what I get.":O}

What I can say is that adaptive seems to work quite well. I usually leave it on "Adaptive" as it kicks up to high performance almost instantly and walks down again somewhat slower so you can see it unwind when you finish playing...if you leave it open so you can see it in time.

So I guess my answer is I'm happy with it's performance with out really knowing how well it is performing...

Be happy to run any Bench I can install if any one wants a particular set of results?
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