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Crazyjust, I think you are doing every correctly.
I remember having strange problems with BF2 also.
Took me several installs to eliminate the strange artifacts and errors.

I actually didn't get rid of the black spots completely.
You can see them in my screenshots... but they are tolerable.

Another solution would be to install BF2 manually by clicking:
  • install
  • install a non-listed program
  • check all 3 options: (Wine version, Wine config, Packages)
  • Select Wine version 1.4.1 (if you have it already, if not install it from the tools button)
  • Wine configuration: set virtual desktop on the display tab
  • Packages: d3dx9, dotnet30, vcrun2005 (maybe install ALL the d3dx9....)
  • Install game
  • Run BF2 in virtual desktop to see if the proper packages are installed.
  • If it runs well and you can change resolutions, try full screen
  • install 1.4 patch
  • install 1.5 patch
  • Test with Wine 1.5.16 or newer versions of Wine

I'm writing all of this from memory, but these are the steps I take to install and test a game.
I have a feeling that Direct3D error is related to the DirectX installed from the CD conflicting with the DirectX we installed with PlayOnLinux.
Mint 17.3 64-bit
Wine 2.0
PlayOnLinux 4.2.10
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