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No problem. I do the same thing with my LAN parties.
My computer is dual boot for certain games.

Feel free to post questions about any other games you want to try.

BF2 seems to be one of those stubborn games that we can't get to run perfectly, but there are still a bunch of games that do run.

Did you ever try Bad Company 2 yet?

I don't have it so I have not been able to test it.
I was reading on WineHQ and someone did get it to run pretty good with only a few gliches: Bad Company 2

One person suggest manually setting BC2 to use DirectX 9 instead of DirectX 10

Maybe its just the Frostbite engine?
Kinda sad because they spent time developing a BF2 linux server and it runs GREAT! So why not use that department to also modify BF2 to work natively in Linux with OpenGL?
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