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How to install SATA DVD/CD on an ASUS A8Vdeluxe Promise378 SATA port?

On to my next problem!

Trying to find out how to install a SATA CD/DVD drive on an Asus A8V Deluxe Promise 378 SATA port (the VIA SB SATA ports don't seem to allow single drives). I've a brand new drive and I've installed the latest board BIOS (17). The Promise SATA controller detects the WD 320GB hard disc on the other port perfectly when it's by itself, but warns "BIOS does not find proper hardware configuration" and detects nothing whenever the CD/DVD drive is installed. I've tried swapping the ports and installing the CD/DVD drive only, but makes no difference.

I've downloaded the "latest" drivers from Asus and still haven't been able to get past this (unless I'm messing up somehow). I checked Promise download for more recent drivers and they say go to the motherboard manufacturer when the controllers are embedded.

As CD/DVD drives used to be IDE, I'm wondering if it was just never imagined there would be a need to install a CD/DVD drive on an A8V Deluxe SATA port. I tried installing a PATA to SATA interface adapter on the back of the drive, but although the drive was correctly recognized, behavior was hopeless (maybe those interfaces only work for hard drives).

Can anyone help me with this? I really need to install that drive!

PS. By the way, this is my gaming PC and yes, it's o/c'd. Don't people around here use older equipment anymore, or AMD for that matter? I don't have the budget for fancy new hardware and so I treat PC's much like my cars, going for max useful life. I'm getting a Chinese HD4650 1GB AGP for this machine which should be a boost over its current o/c'd 16pipe 9800 Pro 256MB (which still works pretty good at 1024x768), but little details like DVD/CD drive compatibility are a serious issue for some.
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