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Are you sure the CD/DVD actually works?

The fact that your mobo includes both IDE and SATA ports, and the SATA ports are all RAIDed suggests to me that the expectation was that CD/DVD and hard drives would be hooked to the IDE bus, and only hard drives would be used on the SATA controller (RAID controllers typically don't have the foggiest clue how to handle CD-ROM drives). In addition, CD/DVD drives for the SATA bus are a MUCH more recent development than hard drives for the SATA bus, so it's quite likely with the age of that mobo that the firmware was never intended to handle a CD-ROM.

I'm still suspicious of the drive itself, as I would tend to think the PATA/SATA converter SHOULD have worked; it's the same command set, just a different electrical interface. Is it possible your OC has caused the clocks for the IDE bus to get jacked? Also, do you see any bulging/leaking capacitors on the mobo?
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